Poster image of Alexei and Cameron for Finding Yeezus

About the Creators

Comedians and journalism degree dropouts, Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos are obsessed with mysteries. After breaking through with their award winning investigative comedy podcast series, Finding Drago and Finding Desperado, they are back with their third inessential mystery to solve.

Alexei Toliopoulos


Alexei is a comedian, writer, podcaster, film critic and technically a critically acclaimed investigative documentarian. You know him from being funny on Question Everything, talking about movies on The Mix and on heaps of podcasts. Alexei owns over 2000 Blu-ray DVDs and three blu-ray DVD players.

Cameron James

Cameron James

Cam is an award winning stand up comedian, writer and (funny) documentary maker. He once got fired from Burger King. His favourite movies are Silence Of The Lambs and The Wedding Singer. He lives online HERE.

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